Inductel Combination Speller

Inductel Combination Speller

Does your spell checker error-flag words that you know are correctly spelled?

Most spell checkers fail to recognize all but the most basic medical terms, legal terms, and words from science and technology. If that’s a problem for you, then you may be interested in this. Inductel’s Combination Speller. It adds words, over 1/3 of a million words including medical terms, legal terms, science words, and technical terms to your spell checker dictionary. It fixes your spell checker!

Inductel Combination Spell Checker screen capture.  For customer convenience, this product is available on CD or by download.

Inductel Combination Speller

  • It's perfect for specialized spell checks.

  • Teams up with your regular spell checker.

  • Provides over 340,000 medical, legal, scientific, and technical terms.

  • It's current, comprehensive, and accurate.

  • It's easy to install. Takes less than 5 minutes.

  • And it’s compatible with OpenOffice, iWork, and Microsoft Office.

It fixes your spell checker!

Image.  Compatible with Windows, Mac O S, and Chrome O S.

Price is $34.95 for the download.  $39.95 for the CD.

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Inductel's store accepts all major credit cards and Pay Pal.
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