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Allan Pekary
Allan Pekary founded Inductel in 1985. Before Inductel, he worked for ten years as an electronics engineer in the micro-computer industry.  Allan is a graduate of both Stanford University and Santa Clara University.  He holds a BS degree in biology and an MS degree in electronics engineering/computer science. Connect with Allan on LinkedIn. 

Teddi Gray
Teddi Gray joined Inductel in 1994. Teddi is a graduate of California State University Dominguez Hills having earned BS degrees in business administration and computer science.  Connect with Teddi on LinkedIn.   

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17537 Blanchard Dr., Monte Sereno, CA 95030


We help people who use computers. If you use a PC or Mac to write, proofread, edit, learn, or study, our products will support you as you create and process reports, papers, documents, manuscripts, etc. If you are a student, our products also help students study for exams. We also have products that help students learn new vocabularies and jargons.


We offer spelling help.  We have solutions for common problems such as lack of spell checker support for specialized and technical jargon.  We stock a variety of specialized spelling dictionaries. For instance, if you regularly spell check medical documents and find that your current spell checker fails to recognize all the words you know are correct, we can help you fix that. We also publish a variety of specialized defining dictionaries including medical, legal, scientific, and technical.

We are perfectionists.  We know how important it is to produce reports, resumes, and other documents that are perfect in every detail including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We want to help you make the best possible impression on your clients, your employers, and your teachers. Our spelling solutions will make sure your papers are letter perfect.

We'll help you define words.  Our defining dictionaries will help you choose the correct words for your writing tasks.

We also love it when our customers score high on their exams. Our defining dictionaries can help you study for them from your computer. Our audio pronunciations will make sure you know exactly how to pronounce in the the longest words.

We'll also help you every step of the way from installing our solutions through learning how to use them..


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Contact Inductel

By e-mail:
By telephone: (408) 655-5925. Cell Phone: (408) 655-5925 (San Jose, CA, USA)
By postal mail:
Inductel Inc.
17537 Blanchard Dr.
Monte Sereno, CA 95030, USA

Additional Information

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 We will not share your information with anyone.  So you may feel comfortable doing business with us.  Any information you provide to Inductel will be held in the strictest of confidence. It will be used only in connection with sending you notices of updates, and announcements of new products; and will not be given to, or sold to anyone.  You have our word on that. 

We are a California, family owned company doing business in Monte Sereno.  That's just down the freeway from San Jose.  Call us during business hours Monday through Friday.  You'll speak directly to the owner.  Phone 1-408-655-5925.  Our street address: 17537 Blanchard Dr., Monte Sereno, CA, 95030. 


Hey Inductel, I just downloaded and installed the medical spell check software, and I have been quite impressed. I have went ahead and recommended your software over our med school's class listserv, and have generated a ton of interest. Hopefully we'll get some good referrals your way. Thanks for the good product and for making it available on download. Cheers guys. --- J. H. Short


 Again, thanks for your help, you were quick in getting back to me and very informative. Your company is tops in my book! --- Debi


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Allan Pekary

Our founder, Allan Pekary, says...

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