Medical Definitions

Medical Definitions

Learn medical definitions quickly and easily


Some medical dictionaries have only a few thousand definitions. That may not be enough coverage for the student or professional. Inductel's Medical Dictionary provides more that 63,000 definitions from all branches of medicine.  And, you'll learn what each word means as quickly as possible because Inductel's definitions are concise and easy to understand. 

Image.  Screen capture of Inductel Medical Dictionary definition of 'brain'.

If you like, you may have the dictionary "read" the definitions aloud to you.

Learn abbreviations and acronyms

It's important to know medical abbreviations. They save time. They are a universal means of communication, and they help maintain confidentiality. The Inductel Medical Dictionary provides more than 13,000 abbreviations and acronyms and their meanings.

Image.  Inductel Medical Dictionary definition of acronym ABMS.

List brand name drugs

The Inductel Medical Dictionary lists brand name drugs and their generic name equivalents.

Image.  Inductel Medical Dictionary anatomy web.

Perfect your medical spelling

If you have been disappointed because your spell checker doesn't recognize correctly spelled medical words or offer corrections for misspelled ones, Inductel offers a solution.   It works like this.  You add the Inductel Medical Spell Checker to your current word processing program, like Microsoft Office for instance.  That allows your spell check to recognize correctly spelled medical words and let's it offer suggestion corrections for the misspelled ones. The Medical Spell Checker is included with the Inductel Medical Dictionary.

Image.  Inductel Medical Spell Checker plus Microsoft Office.

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Image.  Inductel Medical Spell Checker plus Microsoft Office.
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