How to Spell

How to Spell

Based on my personal experience, spelling correctly seems to come naturally for some people. For others, spelling is a pain.

Some people write good papers because they have important, interesting, or funny things to say. However, I’ve seen some great papers tarnished by spelling errors.

I’ve met people who seem to be oddly proud of the fact that they can’t spell well.

Other people don’t like English because of the spelling rules that don’t make sense.

Still others rely entirely on their computer spell checkers to save them from potentially embarrassing spelling faux pas. The introduction of the personal computer based spell checker has helped a lot, but a spell checker may not teach the underlying rules of English spelling, at least not directly.

Good spelling is an art. It requires study and practice.

Consequently, I am going to publish a series of articles on “how to spell” covering all I know and can learn about the subject.

Please stay tuned.


Allan Pekary

Our founder, Allan Pekary, says...

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