How to Spell Words Having Double Letters

Spelling Correctly: Double Letters

With few exceptions, words in English do not begin with double letters. So if you spell a word and the first two letters of the word are the same, you likely have misspelled it. There are exceptions to that rule however. There are always exceptions to the rules in English it seems. The examples are “llama” and “aardvark.” There are others. Perhaps a rule of English that has no exceptions is “There are exceptions to some of the rules of English.”

As you might guess, I am interested in words. I may be a word nerd. I enjoy playing scrabble, working crossword puzzles, and my favorite TV program is “Jeopardy.”

I digress.

Double letters located entirely in the interiors of word are another matter. They occur frequently in English as you can see in this sentence and the previous sentences. An example of an interior double letter is the double “c”, or “cc” in the word “occurrence.

In “occurrence”, the “cc” sounds like the letter “k” as in kangaroo. However in the word “success” the first “c” sounds like “k” from “kangaroo” while the second “c” sounds like an “s” from “Sam.”

Point is, you have to memorize how certain double letters sound depending on their context. And you might not be able to “sound out” how some words are spelled.


Allan Pekary

Our founder, Allan Pekary, says...

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