Spelling Game: Hangman

Spelling Game: Hangman

The hangman word game is a fun way to learn to spell. The word to be spelled is hidden from the player(s). However the number of letters in the word is revealed and a broken line is drawn in which each line segment represents a hidden letter. The player(s) then try to guess the hidden letters one at a time. A correct guess reveals the matching letter on its line segment . An incorrect guess places the incorrect letter in the “misses” box. It’s kinda like Wheel of Fortune on TV. Hi Pat and Vanna. Each miss moves the player(s) closer to a date with the hangman. However, each correct guess moves the player(s) closer to spelling the hidden word and winning the game. If the player(s) miss too many words they will be hanged. However, it they spell the word before they get hanged, they win the game. It’s fun!




Allan Pekary

Our founder, Allan Pekary, says...

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