Bouvier's Law Dictionary Plus Legal Speller from Inductel

Bouvier's Law Dictionary from Inductel

Revised 6th Edition, Complete Text in Electronic Format.

Bouvier's Law Dictionary digital version, a faithful electronic equivalent of the book.  Includes a copy of the Inductel Legal Speller.

Inductel's Bouvier Law's  Dictionary CD product box.  There is also a download for those who prefer them, and a web app too.
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Bouvier's Law Dictionary is the only English-language law dictionary that cites and explains civil law concepts and institutions for the common-law lawyer. It is also the most useful English-language dictionary for the civil law lawyer trying to understand common law concepts. Bouvier's Law Dictionary is especially useful for understanding obsolete terms given in older authorities, amplifying their meanings in the American context. Inductel’s version is a faithful transcription of the original printed work reproduced in digital format as computer software employing Inductel's ultra-fast KAS search engine facilitating instantaneous access to multiple reference works.


  • Explains civil law to the common law practitioner
  • Includes a free copy of the Inductel Legal Speller.
  • Programmed high speed access to all entries.
  • Find what you are looking for quickly every time with our Advanced Searches.
  • Microsoft Office integration including Office 2016
  • Bookmarks manager
  • Lookup history manager
  • 90 day, money back warranty.
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Price is $74.95 for the download.  $79.95 for the CD.

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Advanced Search is integrated into every Inductel dictionary: Medical, Standard, Legal, Scientific and Technical, and our MicroLibrary Combination Package.

Inductel's store accepts all major credit cards and Pay Pal.
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