Make Your Own Defining Dictionary

Make Your Own Defining Dictionary

Defining dictionary

We will show you how to make your own dictionary including database and search engine where the database, in this example, will contain headwords and definitions.

Image. Headword and definition. 

Our app will help you create definitions and will store them in its database.  The app's search engine will enable you to look up the definitions you have added.  The look up may be done either by keying headwords into the search engine or by double clicking them in the index.

How to build your dictionary

First, open your Inductel Chrome book dictionary.  If you don't have one, get a free trial copy of an Inductel Dictionary which runs on web browsers.  That would be the Chromebook version.  So get it because you have to run it your browser.  It will run in any major browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Opera. 

Image.  Get a free demo copy of an Inductel Dictionary.

After you have your dictionary up and running, open the Edit Entry item.

Image.  Screen capture of Inductel Dictionary, open Edit Entry function.

Pick a word you want to define and check to see if it is already in our main dictionary.  Here we tried to look up the word "Lorem" and found it is not in the dictionary.  OK.  We can now add its definition.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary.  Look up word to see if it is already in dictionary.

Clear output.  Paste your definition in the the box, and save output, and exit.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary.  Add new definition.  Save it.

Back in the dictionary, key in the new word to verify it's there.  Success.  Now clear out the definition by hitting the Clear button.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary.  Verify you new word is there.

Open the User Dictionary and verify that the new entry is there.  Success again.  All of your headwords will be listed in User Definitions.  User Definitions will also act as an index to your user dictionary.  Choose an entry,  and click on it to look it up.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary.  Verify entry in user dictionary dialog box.

Repeat the above steps for each new word you wish to add.

Looking up words in your user dictionary

There are two ways.  First, you may key search terms into the dictionary text input field.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary text input field

Second you may use the User Definitions index.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary.  Look up words in user dictionary from index.

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