2013: Our Mac products are compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks, 10.9. 

2013: The Inductel Medical Dictionary is now available to run on iPhones, iPads, and most other popular devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the HTC One which use the Android operating system. Our new medical dictionary also available as a web app for PCs, Macs, and computers running Linux.

2013All of our products are now Microsoft Office 2013 compatible.

2012: All of our programs are compatible with Corel WordPerfect Office X6.

2012: All of our programs are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.

2012.  New edition of the Inductel Medical Spell Checker released.  The new edition is Microsoft Office compatible and contains 182,000 entries . 

2012: Our Macintosh downloads are now digitally signed for your security, meeting the security and privacy settings for a Macintosh identified developer.

2012: Our Macintosh version software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion.

2012: We updated our Medical Spell Checker.  It now contains over 182,000 entries including 60,000 new entries and the latest drug names  And it's now compatible with OpenOffice 3.3 for both Windows and Mac. 

2011: We are now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, Lion. 

2011: Our Windows version software is now digitally signed and certified for your security.  And, the Windows versions of our applications now run at all UAC settings from minimum to maximum security. 

2010.  WE'RE MAC OFFICE 2011 COMPATIBLE.  All of our products are now compatible with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

2010.  Our software is now compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  It's also compatible with OpenOffice 3, and WordPerfect X5. 

2010. AUDIO PRONUNCIATIONS ADDITION COMPLETED. Our medical dictionary, standard dictionary, and MicroLibrary can now speak more than 100,000 words each. Those programs can audibly pronounce headwords, speak entire definitions, and even read aloud selected blocks of text

2009: WE'RE WINDOWS 7 COMPATIBLE. We're also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and  Windows 2000.  Our products are also compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher including Mac OS X 10.6.

2009: MAJOR UPGRADES. Audio pronunciations are now standard in the Inductel Medical Dictionary, the Inductel Standard Complete Dictionary, and the MicroLibrary. New, advanced user interface is also a standard feature.

2007. All Inductel products are now Apple iWork compatible and Mac OS X 10.5 compatible. Medical Dictionary now boasts more than 40,000 headwords pronounced by a recorded human voice. Also includes text reader that can speak 73,000 words from the dictionary including entire definitions. All PC products are now Windows Vista/XP/2000 compatible. All Mac products are PowerPC and Intel compatible.

2006. Inductel adds 5,550 drug names and 13,600 medical abbreviations to the Inductel Medical Dictionary. Inductel releases the latest version of its medical dictionary featuring the navigable interactive human nervous system and an expanded vocabulary for the text reader. Also released is a new version of the MicroLibrary for Mac OS X featuring video clips, improved spoken pronunciations and text reader.

2004. Inductel publishes its latest addition to the Inductel Medical Dictionary: a comprehensive, illustrated set of more than 200 human muscle definitions. The muscle definitions include information as to origin, insertion, nerve supply, and action. Each muscle definition also includes an illustration. All of the muscle illustrations and definitions are linked together in a navigable HTML muscle web. This myology addition was created by Teddi Gray of Inductel. Inductel dictionaries and spellers now support both StarOffice and OpenOffice. Versions supported are StarOffice 6.0 for Windows, StarOffice 7 for Windows, OpenOffice 1.1 for Windows, StarOffice 6.0 for Linux, StarOffice 7 for Linux, and OpenOffice 1.1 for Linux.

2003. In its effort to create a comprehensive set of anatomical illustrations for its medical dictionary, Teddi Gray has completed a set of osteological graphics including both illustrations of all the human bones and a navigable skeletal system. Both the osteological illustrations and the "clickable" skeleton are now available in our medical dictionary and in our MicroLibrary. Inductel also added to its medical dictionary, a graphically dissectible human body which displays illustrations of internal organs along with definitions.

2002. Inductel increased the number of full color photos in the MicroLibrary from 600 to more than 1,200. Further additions to the MicroLibrary's collection of photographs and illustrations are underway now.

2001. Inductel began offering Macintosh versions of all of its products in addition to its Windows compatible products, made all of its product upgrades available by download from the Inductel website, increased the size of its medical speller from 73,000 words to over 100,000, and greatly expanded the medical speller's list of prescription drug names, and pharmaceutical terms.

2000. We increased the size of its medical speller from 40,000 entries to 73,000 entries. We also converted all dictionary audio files found from .wav format to the much more efficient .mp3 format. Along that line, we converted all dictionary graphics files from .bmp format to the multi-platform compatible .gif format. Finally, we released our first multi-platform compatible JAVA coded dictionaries and spellers.

1999. We added a state of the art shopping cart system to our website, and made downloadable versions of many of our products available from the website.

1998. We added a state of the art "InstallShield" installation interface to each of our products. Teddi Gray wrote the installation program. We discontinued its MS-DOS line of products in order to focus entirely on producing products for the Windows environment. We also published our first "talking dictionary", the speaking version of the MicroLibrary. It could pronounce more than 30,000 words in a true human voice at the time.

1997. We shipped the first editions of both the Inductel Medical Speller and the Inductel Combination Speller.

1996. We added full color illustrations to the MicroLibrary.

1995. We created our first website and began selling a selection of its product line there.

1994. We added CD-ROM to our stock of recording media and shipped our first MicroLibrary on CD-ROM.

1992. We added the Dictionary of Investment Terminology, both DOS and Windows versions, to our product line.

1991. Inductel added Bouvier's Law Dictionary to its list of products. Inductel also began offering Microsoft Windows versions of all of its products including Brody's Medical Dictionary and the MicroLibrary.

1989: We added Brody's Medical Dictionary for MS-DOS to our line of software products.  We believe we shipped the first ever digital version of a medical dictionary.

1988. We added dictionaries of science and technology to our product line of dictionaries on diskettes for MS-DOS, and began shipping, the MicroLibrary, a comprehensive reference work containing the entire collection of Inductel dictionaries with definitions.

1987. Inductel shipped its first products: The Inductel Standard Dictionary on diskettes for MS-DOS, and the Concise Dictionary of 26 Languages on diskettes for MS-DOS.