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Customer Support

All Inductel products are backed by a 90 day money back warranty. Inductel customers who register their purchases at our website may receive free product updates for one year from date of purchase. This free update offer does not apply to Inductel products sold under the Mega Systems brand name.

All owners of Inductel products receive free technical support for as long as they own their Inductel product. Free customer support is available by e-mail, and by telephone. This free tech support offer does not apply to Inductel products sold under other brand names such as Mega Systems. 


By e-mail: . 24 hours / 7 days a week.

By telephone: (408) 655-5925 (San Jose, California, USA) 9AM - 5PM Pacific Time, M-F.


Inductel customers who wish to get refunds, must remove the Inductel software from their computer system and return the item to Inductel within 90 days of purchase date of the item. Returns must also include a statement from the customer of the reasons why the customer is returning the item. If you bought a download, you must send Inductel an email within 90 days of date of purchase, stating why you are asking for a refund and stating that you have removed the software from your computer, promising that you will not re-install it.


If you need to remove Inductel from your computer, the instructions are on our Remove page.

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