Inductel Software Updates

Inductel Software Updates


 April 17, 2017.  Version 17 for Macintosh released.  This version provides enhanced content covering family medicine, general practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, radiology, general surgery, cardiovascular disease, orthopedic surgery, and many, many more medical specialties. Also provides FDA approved drugs through 2016, and delivers 5,000 more medical terms than the previous version boosting its total to 187,000.

Comprehensive content equals fast and accurate editing and proofing results. It's your medical spelling solution.

The Inductel Medical Spell Checker is a Microsoft Office compatible dictionary that integrates easily with all popular word processing systems for Mac including Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, iA Writer, iWork, Nisus Writer, and more.

The following Inductel products contain this upgrade: Inductel Medical Spell Checker for Mac, Inductel Combination Speller for Mac, Inductel Medical Dictionary for Mac, and Inductel MicroLibrary for Mac.

September 1, 2014.  Version 14 update for Mac is now in release.  It is a major update over Version 12.  Improvement over the previous version is the addition of spoken pronunciations (audio) to the following Inductel dictionaries: Medical, Standard, and Microlibrary.  An additional improvement is the addition of videos to the MicroLibrary

September 1, 2014.  Version 14 update for PC/Windows is also now in release.  For the end user consumer, it may be a minor update over Version 12.  Improvement over the previous version is the addition of a silent install feature which has been added to the program allowing unattended installation of the program.  The install file is in the .msi format.  This update is primarily intended for bulk purchasers who intend to batch install the Windows version of the program on multiple machines.  For them it may be an important update.


RECENT NEWS: All Inductel applications are now fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 for Windows.


Updates are available only to customers who own an existing Inductel product. If you currently own an Inductel product, you may upgrade (update) it to the current version of your product at any time for $19.95 (per single user) CD or $14.95 (per single user) by download. Site license upgrades are also available. Free upgrades are available to eligible customers who purchased their original product within the last 365 days.

Updates, both free and paid for, are not available to customers who purchased any Inductel product bearing either the Mega Systems brand or the Contmedia brand.   Updates, both free and paid for, are not available to customers who purchased any Inductel product from Encyclopedia Britannica, Ohio-Distinctive, eBay, or Arcamax.  Owners of copies of Explore Human Anatomy, Human 3D, or other products bearing the Mega Systems brand or Contmedia brand are not eligible to receive updates, free or otherwise, from Inductel.   

You may click on one of the following links to order your upgrade.

To request your free update go to our free update page.


Software updates are available only to customers who purchase their original Inductel product either directly from Inductel or from any authorized Inductel re-seller.

Authorized Inductel re-sellers include the following companies:

  • ASAP Software

  • Assistive Solutions

  • Sight and Sound Technology

  • Barry Bennett Ltd.

  • Microlink PC UK

  • Avantek Computer Ltd.

  • MKC Computers UK

  • iansyst Ltd.

  • Wyvern Business Systems Ltd.

  • Concept Northern

  • Reach Data Technologies Ltd.

  • Hamer Technology Ltd.

  • Anita Business Systems

  • Clear Links Support Ltd.

  • Remtek Systems Ltd. 

  • Invate Ltd. 


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