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Inductel Medical Dictionary Software CD, Version 17, Plus Medical Spell Checker

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The Inductel Medical Dictionary defines medical terms, provides audio pronunciations, displays illustrations, and speaks definitions. Features more than 63,000 entries from all medical specialties. Provides fast, easy access to all entries. No need to scroll unless you want to.  Also features a lookup history manager allowing you to quickly revisit previous lookups.  It includes a full copy of the Inductel Medical Spell Checker too.  

Inductel Medical Dictionary Software CD, Version 17, Plus Medical Spell Checker

Integrates with Microsoft Office, including 2016, and other popular word processing apps including WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, iWork, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Nisus Writer Pro, iText, and OpenOffice. And it comes on a traditional compact disc. 

  • Fast, easy access to over 63,000 entries that define essential medical terms.
  • Illustrations and audio pronunciations.
  • Bookmarks manager, History manager.
  • Microsoft Office compatible medical spell checker.
  • Media is traditional compact disc CD. Also available as a digital download, or as a web app
  • Available for either PC or Mac.

Product Description

Good spelling is only part of your job. You also need to use the right words. Do both! Check spelling and define medical terms using our comprehensive Inductel Medical Dictionary Plus Medical Spell Checker! You get comprehensive coverage of medical terminology with over 63,000 entries! You'll hear medical terms pronounced from a library of more than 63,000 audio pronunciations. You'll produce letter perfect reports and papers using the Inductel Medical Spell Checker. You'll have the convenience and ease of use of a dictionary/spell checker suite that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other word processors.

Product Details

Media: computer software compact disc

System requirements: Windows Vista, or higher.  Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or better.  


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