Inductel MicroLibrary Combo Package

Inductel MicroLibrary Combo Package

Correct spelling is only part of your job. You also need to use the right words.

Do both in your word processor! Check medical, legal, scientfic and technical spelling and get definitions too using our Inductel MicroLibrary Dictionary Plus Combo Speller!

Screen capture of Inductel Micro Library Dictionary Combination Package.  The image shows Micro Library displaying a medical definition its corresponding image.

Comprehensive and easy to use at home, in school, or at the office

  • Spell check documents for medical, legal, scientfic, and technical errors.
  • Make sure you are using the right words from more than 303,000 definitions.
  • Display, and enjoy, thousands of full color illustrations and videos.
  • Learn how the words are pronounced from over 30,000 recorded examples
  •  90 day, money back warranty.
    Image.  Inductel warranty logo.

Price is $94.95 for the single user download. $99.95 for the CD.

Image.  Inductel's store accepts all major credit cards and Pay Pal too.

Or call us at (408)655-5925 9AM-5PM, PST. We're in San Jose, CA, USA.

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Amazing product!

Get the most comprehensive coverage of the English language including general English, medical terminology, legal terms, and scientific and technical definitions together as a single organized reference collection in digital multimedia format.  This wonder of electronic publishing takes advantage of the massive storage capacity of the DVD to fit the information you need into  the smallest possible places: your portable electronic devices.  And its efficiency is not limited to use of space.  It also gives you the fastest possible lookups you can get by employing hypertext, hypermedia, and Inductel's lightning fast lookup engine KAS(tm).  Don't wait seconds to get definitions.  Get them in milliseconds.  

Image.  Compatible with Windows, Mac O S, and Chrome O S.
Image.  We accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal.
Image.  All Inductel products include free updates for one year.
Image.  Inductel provides free technical support for all its products.
Image.  Inductel products are backed by a 90 day, money back warranty.
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