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Inductel Medical Dictionary Software Digital Download, Version 17, Plus Medical Spell Checker

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What's new?

  • We have increased the number of entries in our Medical Spell Checker from 182,000 to 187,000 and included the latest FDA approved drug names.  This upgrade is included in Inductel Medical Dictionary, Version 17.
  • It now supports additional word processing apps including Windows 10 Mail, and all Macintosh apps which employ the Mac system spell checker.

Inductel Medical Dictionary Software Digital Download, Version 17, Plus Medical Spell Checker

But, even the best spell checker cannot protect you from using the wrong words. Problem solved. Our medical dictionary quickly defines medical terms from a database having over 63,000 entries. Also provides audio pronunciations and images.  Then, our Inductel Medical Spell Checker corrects medical spelling errors, in your documents, even Microsoft Office fails to catch.  You are now covered!  This suited is Microsoft Office compatible, WordPerfect, and OpenOffice compatible too. Available for both PC and Mac. Download or CD. Here are the details.

The Inductel Medical Dictionary, version 17

Employs standardized medical terminology to assure efficiency in your communications and documents. Reduces errors to a minimum. It’s a comprehensive, accurate medical reference.

Using Inductel, you will:

  • Define and display standard medical definitions in text format from our database of more than 63,000 entries representing all medical specialties and general practice.
  • Hear audio pronunciations of medical terms, or hear entire definitions spoken. Just click with your mouse. This dictionary provides over 126,000 audio playbacks.
  • Display a medical illustration. There are hundreds of them.
  • Explore human anatomy using our anatomy web to understand the relationships between anatomical structures.
  • Display instantly any of our dictionary’s entries using our built-in search box. Handy suggestions are offered in case you may be uncertain as to a spelling. No need to scroll the index unless you prefer to browse, then our scrolling index will be there to assist you.
  • Refer back using our lookup history manager allowing you to quickly revisit previous lookups.
  • Correct medical spelling errors in your documents using our Inductel Medical Spell Checker 17. It’s a wonderful product in it own right.



Audio Pronunciations

Pronounces words using a recorded human voice. Click on a button to speak headwords. Click on another button to speak definitions. Click on another button to have it read aloud text you copy to your clipboard.


Anatomy Web



Abbreviations and Acronyms

Chemical Structure Graphics

Includes our Inductel Medical Spell Checker, version 17

If you find that your Microsoft Office, or other office suite, flags medical words as spelling errors even when spelled correctly, and fails to suggest corrections for true medical misspellings, your solution is the Inductel Medical Spell Checker. It fixes medical spelling errors even Microsoft Office can’t correct without our help! Installs in 5 minutes and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, including 2016, and other popular office suites, word processing apps, and productivity software. This new version boasts 5,000 more entries than the previous. Total word count, of our custom dictionary for medical spelling, is now 187,000 entries, with no overlap between it and the Microsoft Office spelling dictionary! And the Inductel Medical Spell Checker is included with your purchase of the Inductel Medical Dictionary!

Product Details

Media: computer software digital download. Also available on CD or as a web app.

System requirements: Available for PC or Mac.  

  • PC: Windows Vista, or higher including Windows 10.  
  • Mac: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or better including Sierra.  


If you want to upgrade your current copy to the latest version, please visit our Upgrade page.