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Inductel Dictionary and Spell Checker Software: Helping you to Spell Perfectly and Use the Right Words, Quickly & Easily!

We help your PC or Mac fix spelling errors for you, and we'll tell you what the words mean too. Select a product to learn more!  Browse our unique collection of dictionaries and spell checkers representing many different fields of study.  Please contact us if you need additional information. 

Inductel is a computer software developer, marketer, and seller.  We develop, manufacture, and sell both reference works and proofing tools as computer software apps for academics, business, healthcare, science and engineering, and technology.  

Founded during the microcomputer revolution, in 1985, by Allan Pekary, a graduate of Stanford University, Inductel is located in California’s Silicon Valley in the City of Monte Sereno. Allan’s aim is to provide the public with high quality digital defining dictionaries and custom spelling dictionaries.  

Basically, we offer two types of computer software apps. 

First, our defining dictionaries help all kinds of people find out what the words mean and how to pronounce them. Our defining dictionaries include (American) English, medical, legal, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical design. 

Features include: complete definitions, audio pronunciations, illustrations and images, selective search methods, and a running history of lookups.

They can help you at school, at home, and at work.

Second, we provide spell checker dictionaries: They help people maximize the quality of their written works, catching and correcting all kinds of spelling errors for them. They are custom dictionaries, containing thousands of words, which you may load into your favorite word processing program/app to maximize the effectiveness of its spell check function.  

Our spelling dictionaries support medicine, law, science, including chemistry, biology, and physics, and engineering including computers, electrical and mechanical design, helping people prepare perfect papers, documents, reports, and correspondence from their desktop/laptop computers.

We offer each of our products for Windows and macOS.   

In addition to selling individual defining dictionaries and separate spelling dictionaries, we offer combination packages too.

For comprehensive proofing work, we offer our Combination Speller.  It combines custom dictionaries of medicine, law, chemistry, biology, physics, computers, electronics, and mechanical engineering into one powerful package.  Using it, you can rest assured that your document proofing work is letter perfect. 

Finally, our MicroLibrary comprehensive combo package.  It contains all of our defining dictionaries in one integrated, and handy, set of word defining reference works.  And furthermore, it also features a copy of our complete Combination Speller.

Inductel apps are now compatible with both Microsoft Windows 11 and macOS Ventura.