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Inductel Standard Dictionary Software Digital Download, Version 17, Plus Combo Speller

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It's fantastic! The New: Inductel Standard Dictionary, version 17!

Lookup words fast!  Get definitions!  Hear the words!  See the  pictures!  Correct misspelled words you thought couldn't be fixed!   Runs on your PC or Mac.  

The most comprehensive, easy to use collegiate dictionary ever!

You'll easily find what the words mean, and choose the right words to use.  You'll hear perfect examples of precise pronunciations.  You'll see beautiful full color images!  You'll acquire access to over 100,000 well defined entries, audio pronunciations for each and every word, clear etymologies, and a complete thesaurus boasting over half a million words with the Inductel Standard Dictionary.  It's fantastic!

Time efficient!

Powered by Inductel’s lightning fast digital interface! Standard Dictionary looks up words in milliseconds, not seconds, from its enormous database of more that 100,000 words!

Useful companion product!

When you write, you'll fix spelling errors you thought were impossible to correct!  Because Inductel Standard Dictionary includes a free copy of Inductel’s Combination Speller 17, the most comprehensive spell checker available covering medicine, law, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, electronics, and mechanical design.  Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other popular word processing apps.

Remember, the Inductel Combo Speller 17 corrects spelling errors even Microsoft Office can’t fix without our help!

Get them together!

Why spend hundreds of dollars to buy a separate collegiate dictionary and separate medical, legal, scientific, and technical spell checkers!  Get them all together in a single product, the Inductel Standard Dictionary 17, for only $44.95!  

This dual purpose product defines essential general English words and corrects all kinds of spelling errors even Microsoft Office can't fix.  Integrates with Microsoft Office, including 2016, and other popular word processing apps including WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, iWork, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Nisus Writer Pro, iText, and OpenOffice.

  • Comprehensive.  Featuring fast, easy access to over 100,000 defining entries.
  • Well organized .  Includes bookmarks manager and history manager
  • Illustrated with images.  Enhanced with audio pronunciations
  • Comes with a copy of the Inductel Combo Speller.
  • Available for PC or Mac.

Product Description

Good spelling is only part of your job. You also need to use the right words. Do both! Check spelling and define American English words using our comprehensive Standard Dictionary Plus Combo Speller! You'll  get comprehensive coverage of the American vocabulary!  You'll produce letter perfect documents using the Inductel Combo Speller. You'll have the convenience and ease of use of a dictionary/spell checker suite that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other word processors.

Product Details

Media: computer software digital download.  It's also available as CD or as a web app

System requirements: Windows Vista, or higher.  Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or better.