Inductel Scientific and Technical Dictionary Download, Version 17, Plus Sci Tech Speller Now supports Windows 11, 10, and earlier, as well as macOS

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Assure accuracy and efficiency.

Employ standardized scientific and technical terminology in your communications.

Refer to dictionaries of chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, computer science and mechanical design. Access more than 120,000 concise, accurate, and complete definitions. View chemical structure images. Customize your dictionary fonts, and history to your preferences. Bookmark your favorite entries. Fix spelling errors your documents.  And, our Sci & Tech Speller will fix those spelling errors even Microsoft Office can't correct.

  • You’ll get chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, computer science and mechanical design.
  • Quick access to more than 120,000 concise definitions.
  • Helpful chemical structure images.
  • Custom dictionary fonts, and history to your personal preferences.
  • You’ll bookmark your favorite entries and manage them.
  • And your spelling will be perfect in your reports and papers after you apply the Inductel Sci&Tech speller.  It's Microsoft Office compatible.

Available for PCs and Macs. Windows 11, 10 and Windows 7. macOS compatible too including macOS Ventura.

Microsoft Office 365/2021 compatible, WordPerfect too, also, OpenOffice, Apple iWork, and more. 

Backed by Inductel’s 90 day written warranty.

Top notch tech support. 

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Product Description

Good spelling is only part of your job. You also need to use the right words. Do both! Check spelling and define scientific and technical terms using our comprehensive Inductel Scientific and Technical Dictionary Plus Scientific and Technical Spell Checker! You get comprehensive coverage of scientific terminology like chemistry, biology, and physics.  Also covers electronics, mechanical engineering, and computers  with over 120,000 entries!  You'll produce letter perfect documents using the Inductel Scientific and Technical Speller. You'll have the convenience and ease of use of a dictionary/spell checker suite that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other word processors including WordPerfect and OpenOffice.

Product Details

Media: computer software digital download.

System requirements: Windows Vista, or higher.  macOS 10.8 or better including Ventura.  

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