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Inductel Medical Spell Checker Software Digital Download, Version 17

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Inductel Medical Spell Checker Software Digital Download, Version 17

Need to know how to spell medical terms?  Does your Microsoft Office flag medical words as errors even when spelled correctly?  Does Word also fail to suggest corrections for truly misspelled medical words?  Do you want a complete and accurate medical spell check?    Solution: We fix medical spelling errors!  Inductel Medical Spell Checker. Installs in 5 minutes. Corrects spelling errors even Microsoft Office cannot fix without our help. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, including 2016, and other popular office suites, word processing apps, and productivity software.

Example: Here's a spell check in Microsoft Word 2016 without the Inductel Medical Spell Checker.

Here's a repeat spell check with Inductel Medical Spell Checker enabled.  Why the improvement?

It's because our Inductel Medical Spell Checker, 'Med2017', was enabled for the second spell check.  It's a custom dictionary of medical terms. Specialized and powerful!  It will amaze you!  Only $24.95.  Add it to your cart!

Inductel Medical Spell Checker

  • It's perfect for medical transcription.
  • It's current, comprehensive, and accurate, employing over 187,000 medical and drug terms including FDA approved drugs.
  • Comprehensive content equals fast, accurate editing and proofing.  Inductel Medical Spell Checker does the job nicely.  It's your medical spelling solution.
  • Easy to install. Takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Compatible.  Integrates seamlessly and invisibly within Microsoft Office and other popular word processing apps including WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, iWork, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Nisus Writer Pro, iText, and OpenOffice.
  • Finds medical spelling errors and suggests corrections whenever Office, or other word processor, checks your spelling. 
  • Available for either PC or Mac.
  • Single user and multi-user options are available. 
  • It is delivered to your computer as a digital download.
  • Also available on compact disc, CD.  
  • Add it to your cart! 

Inductel Medical Spell Checker version 17.  This new release boosts your spell checker power to more than 187,000 medical words above and beyond what's found in Microsoft Office spell check. And version 17 gives you 5,000 additional entries beyond what's in version 14. Additionally, our new words come from myriad medical specialties including family medicine, general practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, radiology, general surgery, cardiovascular disease, orthopedic surgery, and many, many more…

Version 17 also provides more than 5,000 additional entries than version 14 giving you a total of 187,000 medical words with no overlap with your MS Office spell checker!  It's your medical spelling solution!

Product Description

Comprehensive Coverage of All Medical Specialties

Contents include FDA approved drugs, medical terminology, dental terms, medical abbreviations, acronyms, human anatomy, biochemistry, FDA approved devices, alternative medicine, urology, ophthalmology, neuropsychology, nephrology, orthopedics, gastrointestinal medicine, dermatology, oncology, cardiology, wound care, surgery, surgical equipment and instruments, pulmonology, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, medical slang, pediatrics, endocrinology, anesthesiology, and more. This medical word processing resource is in digital format as a computer software medical custom dictionary, also known as a user dictionary or spelling dictionary. It integrates seamlessly into your favorite word processing program where is employed by your existing spell checker to offer suggested corrections for misspelled medical words. This is the digital download version. 

Designed for medical, and allied, professionals including doctors, pharmacists, medical transcriptionists, dentists, medical billers, other health care practitioners, and students.

The Inductel Medical Spell Checker is a professionally compiled custom dictionary of medical terms.  It contains a comprehensive, up to date list of medical terminology and integrates with Microsoft Office, and most other popular word processors and business productivity applications, as a custom dictionary.  We compiled it for you to save you time and effort.  

In Microsoft Office, the Inductel Medical Spell Checker custom dictionary offers suggested corrections for misspelled medical words whenever Office checks your spelling.  It's a helpful and convenient add-on. It also offers medical spelling corrections as you type making your copy of Office, or other word processor, a medical spelling expert.  With a dictionary of more than 187,000 medical terms, including the latest FDA approved drugs, your spelling accuracy is assured by the Inductel Medical Spell Checker.

Product Details

Media: computer software digital download.

System Requirements: Windows Vista or higher.  Macintosh OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher.


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