Product Information

Browse our unique catalog and collection of digital reference works, editing, and proofing tools representing multiple academic disciplines and business fields.  We feature educational software, and business productivity applications. Inductel develops, programs, manufactures, and sells its own products.  

Academic disciplines represented include medicine, law , the English language, chemistry, physics, biology, electronics, mechanical engineering design, and computer science. Our products support most types of devices including desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and Chromebooks. We support all major media formats including digital download, CD, DVD, and browser based web app. Inductel software products are designed to support word processing, research, editing, and spelling error correction.

Computer operating systems supported include, Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Linux.  Languages supported is English.  Markets served include: Colleges, universities, high schools, word processing professions including medical transcription, court reporters, and a variety of other businesses large and small. We sell business to business, and to end user consumers.

Technical support for Inductel products is provided at no cost to our customers.

Our history

Founded in 1985 in California's Silicon Valley as the personal computer revolution was gaining momentum, Inductel is a pioneer in software development for PC's and Macs.  Our founder, entrepreneur Allan Pekary, quickly saw the demand for high quality dictionaries in digital format.  So, he together an enthusiastic team of talented programmers and data processors, and Inductel was up and running.  Inductel's mission is twofold with our first aim being to develop and maintain a library of high quality, reasonably priced word processing tools and reference works as computer software. Our second mission is to advance the study and application of computer generated artificial intelligence.

Inductel Defining Dictionaries

Inductel defining dictionaries are digital reference works also known as software, or just apps.  They run on most types of computers including PC's, Macs, Chromebooks, and Linux machines.  You can get them on CD, by download, or as browser based apps.

Inductel dictionaries are available as separate works but you may also get combination packages.  Our most popular combo is the Inductel MicroLibrary .  It contains all of our dictionaries as an integrated set.  Our dictionary entries may contain  definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, illustrations, audio, and video.  They are handy for studying, researching, or preparing reports and papers.

Each dictionary, and spell checker, is ready to integrate seamlessly into your favorite word processing program where may be employed to provide definitions or to offer suggested corrections for misspelled medical, legal, scientific or technical words. 

Search Options

Multiple search types are supported including keyword search on index, scroll on index, and keyword search on definitions.


 Advanced searches include search index on word starts with..., search index on word ends with..., and search index on word contains..., where ... represents a string of letters. Searches also support wildcards representing either strings of letters or individual letters. 



Many of our dictionaries are photo-illustrated.  For example, our standard dictionary.  


Scientific and Technical Dictionary



 MicroLibrary, which contains full copies of each of the other dictionaries, provides all of the images contained in the other dictionaries.



  • Every Inductel dictionary provides a lookup history.  Allows you to see an ordered list of your recent lookups.

  • All of our dictionaries provide multiple search options including browse on index, keyword search, and related terms search.

  • They also feature an Advanced Search that gives the user the ability to search the dictionary for all entry words, or definitions, that meet various user defined characteristics.  Search types include full word, partial word, wildcards, and Boolean.
    • In a single search, you may find all words that start with...
    • In a single search, you may find all words that end with...
    • In a single search, you may find all words that contain...
    • You may search using wild cards.
    • You may search within definitions for specified words.

  • You may personalize your Inductel dictionary:
    • Choose your font face, font size, and font color.
    • Bookmark important, or favorite, entries.
    • Set the size of your lookup history from 5 to 200 entries.

  • If you want video with your definitions, our MicroLibrary provides hundreds of video clips.

Inductel Standard Dictionary, Medical dictionary, and MicroLibrary may be used as assistive technology software. They provide indices, search functions, and definitions; and they also give audio pronunciations and will speak definitions using a recorded human voice.

Contact Inductel for additional information.




The History function maintains a chronologically ordered list of every word you have looked up. 


It's easy to access your History list.  Just click on the History button, and the list appears.  Double click on any entry in the History list to look it up.   Below, we looked up the word "interferon".

The length of the History list is adjustable, so you may maintain a list of up to 200 of your most recent lookups.



The Bookmark function lets you maintain a list of favorite entries you may want to refer back to later.  User maintenance functions include add new entries, sort the list, remove selected entries, and clear the entire list.



Options allows you to control your font attributes including size, style, and color.

In this example we increase the size of the font and change the headword color.  Here are the initial font settings.

Here are some changes to the settings to make the the font larger and the headword color different. 



Most Spell Checkers are Limited

Most word processing programs have spell checkers. But, most spell checkers can't correct medical, legal, scientific, or technical spelling errors. That’s because they only have a general dictionary. It can spell check only ordinary English. That can be very frustrating when you need to check spelling on other types of terminology. What can you do?

Some people compile their own custom dictionaries. But that can take forever. You may need specialized spelling help now.

That’s where we come in. We’re Inductel and we have been compiling custom spelling dictionaries, including medical, since 1985. Our custom dictionaries are comprehensive, accurate, up to date, and proven.

How Inductel Spellers Work

Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing program, but you may already know that its built-in dictionary isn't great for fixing medical spelling errors for example. That's because its coverage is limited.  We've solved that problem by compiling an Inductel medical custom dictionary.  We call it the Inductel Medical Spell Checker. We also have others including legal, scientific, and technical.

The Inductel Speller works within your Microsoft Office, or other word processing program

It’s fast, integrates seamlessly with your word processing program, and you can spell check ordinary English words and medical words at the same time.  All Inductel Spellers work like that.

Inductel Has Several Types of Spellers

There may be uncounted numbers of disciplines each having there own special words.  How can a word processing person be sure the reports and other documents they prepare are free of spelling errors.  It's not easy. 

 Over the years, we have compiled custom dictionaries covering many disciplines including medicine, law, chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, computer science, and mechanical engineering. 

Perhaps we can help you.

Custom Dictionary

What is a custom dictionary? A custom dictionary is a list of words -not in the computer's main dictionary- that an author wants acknowledged by the spell checker as correct. Custom dictionaries are used by word processing programs, such as Microsoft Office Word, and other computer applications like PowerPoint, and Excel. Users may add words to or delete words from their custom dictionaries. Additions to this dictionary could include names, acronyms, new words, and other such entries. Users may compile their own custom dictionaries, or may acquire them from other sources. There are companies, such as Inductel, who compile custom dictionaries and make them available to businesses, organizations, schools, and the general public.

Inductel has been compiling custom dictionaries since 1985. In that time Inductel has assembled extensive medical, legal, scientific, technical, and general word lists from which it develops custom dictionaries.

Inductel’s word lists are compiled from a variety of authoritative references, journals, and textbooks and contain the terms you need.

Custom dictionaries are employed by people who transcribe, report, bill, record, and otherwise process words including transcriptionists, nurses, doctors, attorneys, scientists, engineers, and students.


The Inductel Spellers and Spell Checkers are custom dictionaries that are compatible with Microsoft Office and other popular word processors. They have been tested and performance proven. In addition to Microsoft Office they are also compatible with OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Apple iWork, and many more.

Contact Inductel for additional information.


Updates are free to customers who have purchased their original copies within the last 365 days. Otherwise, the updates cost $14.95 for the download and $19.95 for the CD. Updating is simple. Each update is the latest edition, full version of the program.