Inductel Standard Dictionary

Inductel Standard Dictionary

A Unique Dictionary and Handy too

“[Inductel Standard Dictionary] can pop up definitions faster than you can say ‘Mississippi’” -Mitt Jones, PC Magazine.

Inductel Standard Dictionary CD product box.  There is also a download for those who prefer them, and a web app too.

Exclusive features and conveniences.  Audio definitions plus all of these additional items:

  • Simple user interface, easy to use having no ads or other distractions.
  • Extraordinary content: with over 100,000 entries, and audio pronuciations, with text definitons and audio definitions.
  • Plus full color illustrations, bookmarks for favorites, and full word processor integration including Microsoft Office.
  • Includes a FREE copy of the Inductel Combination Speller.  You write perfectly spelled letters, reports, and papers.
  •  Educational discounts are available.  
  • It's backed by our 90 day, money back warranty.
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Price: $44.95 for the single user download. $49.95 for the CD.

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Authoritative with broad coverage

Not a condensed and abbreviated dictionary but full contents based on a well knows print dictionary from a major publisher, including definitions, parts of speech, etymologies, and over 100,000 entries, and in addition, a gazetteer, a section of biographies, and a section of abbreviations and acronyms.


Provides audio pronunciations and text based definitions; however, our exclusive and unique spoken audio definitions are an options for those who prefer them. Inductel Standard Dictionary gives you 100,000 entries with definitions performing superbly in dealing with the nuances of common words, in defining foreign words, and in recognizing archaic terms. Entries include etymologies, idioms, and compound words. Definitions are full text with spoken audio option. Audio pronunciations are provided for all headwords, over 63,000. Also provides a gazetteer of facts about states and cities around the world, biographical information, and a list of common acronyms and abbreviations. The package can also be integrated with other reference works in the company’s MicroLibrary Series.

Multi-way search

Most dictionaries offer keyword searches and wildcards.  Our dictionaries provide multi-way search including keyed search, scrolling the index, wildcards, Boolean, and reverse lookup provide quick access to the information you seek. Subsections include definitions, abbreviations and acronyms, biographies, and gazetteer.


Conveniences include lookup history, bookmarks and favorites, and multi-way search. The app can look up words after reading them from your document or after you type them in. Instantly pops up definitions from you word processor with a single click. Unlike some other apps, it can also display a list of alpha-character ranges and will let you home in on a headword list that includes the word you are looking for. “[Inductel Standard Dictionary] can pop up definitions faster than you can say ‘Mississippi’” -Mitt Jones, PC Magazine.

OS Support

Available in both Windows and Mac versions


Inductel Standard Dictionary is part an integrated set of reference works, the MicroLibrary Series, a collection of computerized reference works affordably priced for PC and Mac users. Features like an on-line user’s manual and complete technical support make the Micro Library Series the perfect choice for business, education, and home users. Included in the Micro Library Series are the Inductel Standard Dictionary, the Inductel Medical Dictionary, Inductel’s Bouvier Law Dictionary, and Inductel’s Scientific and Technical Dictionaries. Dictionaries in the Micro Library Series may be purchased separately, but they also integrate with one another so you may add to your set. Inductel’s Micro Library Series give you electgronic equivalents of complete dictionaries from major publishers which will run on your PC or Mac. Products include Inductel Standard Dictionary, Inductel Medical Dictionary, Bouvier's Law Dictionary by Inductel, Inductel Dictionaries of Science and Technology including chemistry, biology, physics, computers, mechanical design engineering, and electronics.


Now at last , you can have truly instant access to information contained in standard reference works. The KAS Knowledge Acquisition System responds as fast as you can type in the requests. No more long tedious waits while you wait for the system to respond. The Reference Series will include a wide range of reference works from several different publishers. The KAS Knowledge Acquisition System provides the following features:

  • Instant retrieval of information contained in standard reference works. The access time is measured in milliseconds rather than seconds, and in independent of the size of the reference work.
  • Runs on your computer’s hard disk drive.
  • Selection from a series of categories. Information may be selected from a series of categories or wild card selections.
  • Selection based on direct key entry. Information may be immediately accessed by direct key entry of the keywords.
  • Automatic data decompression. All of the information is stored in compressed format and is decompressed in real time a required.
  • Automatic context information. Every information request is automatically qualified by the context of the request. This allows multiple reference works to coexist in the same system simultaneously.
  • Online user’s manual. This is not just a series of help screens bu the entire user’s manual accessible in the same manner as the reference work itself.
  • Freedom of choice. You order only those reference works that you actually want, and load exactly those reference works that you use most frequently on you hard disk. You may add additional reference works to your system at any time. Watch for annauncements of mor reference works as they become available.
  • Selection of media. The products are available as digital download files, .msi for Windows, and .zip for Mac. They are also available in the same file formats on CD and DVD. The products are also available as web browser based applications and will soon be available for mobile devices and tablets.
Inductel's store accepts all major credit cards and Pay Pal.
All Inductel products give you free updates for one year.
Inductel provides free technical support for all products.
Every Inductel product is backed by a 90 day, money back, warranty.
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