Inductel Advanced Searches

Inductel Advanced Searches

THE PROBLEM: How to get definitions for groups of related terms.  Producing lists of dictionary words whose entries meet your criteria can be a daunting task.


THE SOLUTION: The Inductel Advanced Search.

Image.  Inductel Dictionary advanced search setup.

 It searches the dictionary and produces ordered lists of words like

  • All words which start with a certain string of letters, like "gen" for example, or
  • All words which contain a certain string of letters, like "gen" for example, or
  • All words which end with a certain string of letters, like "gen" for example.

You may define those words by double clicking on them.  It's a quick way to define related words.  Can be used with word games too.

Image.  Screen captures of Inductel Advanced Search results lists.

Here's a video of the Advanced Search in operation. They start with a search for all words which start with the string "anti". That produces a list of matching words. They then choose a word from the list and look it up.

Advanced search also includes wild card search, Boolean search, and a reverse search (aka reverse dictionary, aka search on definitions).  Those features are great for word games.


 Advanced Search is integrated into each of Inductel dictionary: Standard, Medical, Legal, Scientific and Technical, and our MicroLibrary Combination Package.

Image. Inductel Micro Library product box. Image. Inductel Medical Dictionary product box. Image. Inductel Science and Technical Dictionary product box. Image. Inductel's Bouvier's Law Dictionary product box. Image. Inductel Standard Dictionary product box.
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