Amazing Offer from Inductel! The MicroLibrary 17!

Amazing Offer from Inductel! The MicroLibrary 17!

This week only, get all, yes all of the Inductel dictionaries and spell checkerstogether in a single app for one super low price.  That's right!  Get the Inductel Medical Dictionary, the Inductel Sci & Tech Dictionaries, the Inductel Standard Dictionary, and Bouvier's Law Dictionary, plus all the Inductel spell checkers including medical, legal, scientific and technical together in a single app for one super low price!  It's the Inductel MicroLibrary combo deal.  It's a $315.00 retail value, and it is on sale from now until November 15th for  $49.95.  That's right only $49.95, and you get them all.  The full versions Yours.  The MicroLibrary This week.  $49.95

Amazingly comprehensive.

The most complete set of defining dictionaries available for the student, researcher, and layperson!  It features dictionaries of medicine, law, standard English, chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, mechanical engineering, and computer science.  And includes Microsoft Office compatible spelling dictionaries from medical, law, science, and engineering.  They're all in the Inductel MicroLibrary.

A user-friendly reference resource.

Complete Definitions, over 300,000 of them, written in clear, simple language, understandable to the general reader, yet consistent with specialized usage!  But that' not all!  Inductel MicroLibrary also features audio pronunciations and full color illustrations and videos.    

A limited time offer.

Why spend over $300 to buy separate general, medical, legal, and scientific dictionaries and spell checkers.  Get them all together in a single product, the Inductel MicroLibrary 17, for only $49.95!  This offer is good through November 15th 2017.


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