Inductel Standard Dictionary Software Web App, Version 17

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The fastest, easiest, most fun dictionary there is!

  • No flipping from page to page! Boring!
  • No scrolling endless word lists in your browser! That takes forever!
  • Stop! There’s a better way!

Inductel Standard Dictionary Web App 17!

  • Prefer keyword lookup? Just key in a word, Inductel Standard Dictionary looks it up for you.  You may also scroll the index if you wish. 
  • Unsure of how to spell the word?  Key in a few letters.  Our dictionary will helpyou find your word!  It will cut your search time by a factor of 2 or more!
  • Reading a definition? See a word you don’t understand? Click on that word, and you’ll get it’s definition! And you can repeat that from one definition to the next, on and on, without limit!  Has over 100,000 definitions. Really helps if you have lots of new words to learn.  And, you can browse this dictionary  to your heart's content. We call it unlimited hypertext. It’s fun and easy. You won’t want to leave it! You’ll want to stay and learn!
  •  Want to hear a word pronounced? Click and you’ll hear perfect pronunciations every time!
  •  Want to see a picture of a word? Click and you’ll see a beautiful color photo or illustration!  

It’s fast, fun, and easy! Is there a better way to learn?

You'll easily find what the words mean, and choose the right words to use.  You'll hear perfect examples of precise pronunciations.  You'll see beautiful full color images!  You'll acquire access to over 100,000 well defined entries, audio pronunciations for each and every word, clear etymologies, and a complete thesaurus boasting over half a million words with the Inductel Standard Dictionary.  It's fantastic!

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Time efficient!

Powered by Inductel’s lightning fast digital interface! Standard Dictionary looks up words in milliseconds, not seconds, from its enormous database of more that 100,000 words!

Quickly defines essential American English words.

  • Comprehensive.  Featuring fast, easy access to over 100,000 defining entries.
  • Organized .  Includes bookmarks manager and history manager
  • Illustrated with images.  Enhanced with audio pronunciations and a thesaurus.
  • One year subscription.


Product Details

Media: web browser app.  Product is also available as a digital download or on a CD.

System requirements: A web browser and internet connection.