Now Supports Office 365 and Office 2019 for Both macOS and Windows

Tired of seeing medical, legal, scientific, and technical words flagged as spelling errors in your documents?

We understand.  Microsoft Office spell checker does not recognize most of those types of words and marks them misspelled.  Frustrating!  But we can fix that for you.

The solution is our Inductel Combo Speller 17.  It's a very large spell check dictionary containing medical, legal, scientific, and technical words.  It makes sure that all spelling errors are caught and corrected.  Inductel Combo Speller teams up with Office during your spell check.  It's accurate and complete.  And it's very easy to install.  Takes less than 5 minutes!

Your documents, reports, and papers will be perfect

That's because Inductel is a comprehensive spell checker dictionary.

Better content

Inductel Combo Speller 17 boosts your spell checker power to more than 327,000 words above and beyond what's found in Microsoft Office.  It integrates with the Microsoft Office spell checker.  And version 17 gives you 5,000 additional entries beyond  version 14.  Additionally, our new medical words come from myriad medical specialties including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, family practice, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, radiology, and many, many more…


  • Expanded dictionary.

  • Includes the latest F.D.A. approved drugs.

  • Features faster, more efficient activation.

  • Supports both Office 2019 and Office 365 for both macOS and Windows.

Supports all popular office suites, office productivity software, word processing programs, and word processors

In addition to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2019, WordPerfect Office, OpenOffice, and Apple iWork, Inductel Combo Speller 17 also supports Windows Mail, and iText for Macintosh. Works great on both Windows and macOS systems. 

Remember, the Inductel Combo Speller 17 corrects spelling errors even Microsoft Office can’t fix without our help!


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