Inductel Medical Dictionary Software Web App, Version 17

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Inductel Medical Dictionary Software Web App, Version 17

Introducing the complete Inductel Medical Dictionary that runs in your web browser. It's our Inductel Medical Dictionary web app version 17. There's no software to install! Use it anywhere on any computer: PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Just enter your product key!

This dictionary defines, pronounces, and illustrates medical terminology.  Provides fast, easy access to over 63,000 entries that define essential medical terms.

  • Definitions.
  • Illustrations.
  • Audio pronunciations.
  • Bookmarks manager, History manager.
  • It's a browser app.  It runs in all popular web browsers.  
  • Automatic updates.  We install the updates on our end, and the software runs in your browser!  
  • License is a one year subscription, and does not include a copy of the Medical Spell Checker.  You should get the PC/Mac version if you also want the spell checker.

Product Description

You get comprehensive coverage of medical terminology with over 63,000 entries! You'll hear medical terms pronounced from a library of more than 63,000 audio pronunciations. Also provides illustrations. 

Product Details

Media: web browser app.  Also available as a digital download, or on a CD.

System requirements: A web browser and internet connection.